From Altai to the Great Lakes(18 Days) 2021


In the land of glaciers and Eagle Hunter drive (18 days) HOT with us in the most inaccessible and almost deserted areas of Western Mongolia. In the first part of the journey, we will see glaciers and the highest mountains of the Altai in a breathtaking natural landscape.

The second half of the trip takes you to the fascinating mountain lakes in the wild nature of the Altai Mountains. Here y

Vom Altai zum Becken der Grossen Seen (18 Tage) 2021
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Frühbucherrabatt 150 € bis zum 31.12.2019
Teilnehmerzahl: 6-12
Einzelzimmer in Ulaanbaatar 100
Im Preis inbegriffen:

- 2 Übernachtungen in einem Hotel ***in Doppelzimmern in Ulaanbaatar inkl. Fruehstueck
-14 Übernachtungen im Zelt
- 1 Übernachtung im einfachen Hotel
- Alle Transfers, lokale Taxen
- Folklore Show
- Vollpension (beginnend mit dem Frühstück am 2.Tag bis
   zum Mittagessen am 17. Tag)( Einfache Kueche auf dem Land: F=Fruehstueck, M=Lunchpaket, A=Abendessen)
- Deutschsprachige Reiseleitung
- Alle Eintritte in die Museen und Nationalparks
-Inlandflug UB-Altai
-Inlandflug Hovd-UB

Im Preis nicht inbegriffen:

- Flughafen Taxen
- Internationale Fluege (gerne können Sie über uns auch
   Ihren Flug buchen)
- Persönliche Ausgaben, Getränke
- Pferde & Kamel Miete
- Visumsgebühr
- Reiseversicherung
-Film und Fotogebuehren
Kinder erhalten selbstverständlich Vergünstigungen.
Preis - p/p
Im Land der Gletscher und Adlerjäger (18 Tage) HOT
Sie fahren mit uns in die unzugänglichsten und fast menschenleeren Gebiete der westlichsten Mongolei. Im ersten Teil der Reise werden wir Gletscher und die höchsten Berge des Altai in einer atemberaubenden Naturlandschaft erleben.
Die zweite Hälfte der Reise führt Sie zu den faszinierenden Gebirgsseen in der wilden und unberührten Natur des Altaigebirges. Dabei entdecken Sie den größten mongolischen See überhaupt, den Uws, das Meer der Mongolei.
Morning arrival in Ulan Bator. Ride to the hotel. City tour with your guide. Visit of the Sukhbaatarplatzes, the National Museum and the Zaisan Hill, from where one has a good view of the city. In the evenings a folklore concert showing. Overnight in the hotel.
Flight to Altai. We will like to stay at the basic hotel in the Aimakzentrum.
F, M, A
We take Tonhil towards, located on the glacier, Sharga through a sparsely populated, extremely dry desert.
We will like to stay in our tents.
F, M, A
On the fourth day we come to glacier, the sacred mountain of the Mongols to the records, which crystal clear cold water feeds the Tonhil Lake. On there holy places, we can offer small offerings. We spend the night in our tents.
F, M, A
5. / 6.
We leave to the village Khovd. On the way, we make two detour to the Munkhkhaan mountain and the largest Cave of in Mongolia. There we visit the world famous rock paintings. Overnight in the tent.
F, M, A
F, M, A
We arrived in Khovd, cover us for the onward journey to the remotest areas with fresh food. Overnight in the tent.
F, M, A
On the eighth day we a further highlight of our trip control to the "five peaks of the Altai", including the Huiten, the highest mountain of Mongolia (4.374 m). Leave at the fantastic sight of the mountain giants change their spell. For this unforgettable adventure, have scheduled two days and stay in our tents.
F, M, A
F, M, A
We say goodbye by the "Kings of the Altai" in the direction of Achit Lake. Arrived on the shores of the Lake, one can observe the there many birds alone. With a little luck, the rare Dalmatian pelicans meet the observers there. Overnight in the tent.
F, M, A
The trail leads us now to the Uureg Salt Lake. Those who wish can try his luck of Angel after breaking our tents on the deserted shore. Overnight in the tent.
F, M, A
Already the next trip highlight is waiting for us. The "Mongolian sea". We visit Lake Uvs. With its surface of the he is six times as large as Lake Constance approximately 3,350 ha. The salt represents a unique Habitat for hundreds of species of birds, whose monitoring represents a unique experience. Overnight in a tent
F, M, A
Our trip continues to Ulaan-Gom. While we sleep in our tents again in untouched nature.
F, M, A
The next large lake of Mongolia lies ahead, the Khyargas Nuur, a turquoise Bauer Salt Lake which invites you to a refreshing bath. Afterwards, we try the hidden on a hike, to find famous healing springs, venerated by the Mongols. Overnight in a tent
F, M, A
Pending the visit of our last great Lake. The fish-rich Khar US Lake awaits us with his unique fjord-like North Shore. He is the only Lake which has an island. He has since 1997 under conservation. Along its shores, we sleep in our tents.
F, M, A
On our way back to Khovd, we like to stay one last time in the tent and enjoy the grandiose original natural landscape once again. Overnight in the tent.
F, M, A
Arrived in Khovd, we say goodbye from our driver and fly back to Ulan Bator. There you have the afternoon free of charge, for example, for purchases of souvenirs, and maybe one of the high-quality Mongolian cashmere products. We will like to stay at the hotel.
F, M,
Transfer to the airport. return flight to Europe with unique an unforgettable experience in a fascinating country with its stunning natural beauty and its warm, hospitable and cheerful people in the luggage.
Diese außergewöhnliche Reise liegt fast vollständig abseits der üblichen angebotenen Touristenrouten und unterstreicht unser Ziel, Ihnen die Mongolei in seiner ursprünglichsten Form zu zeigen.
Aufgrund Abgeschiedenheit der bereisten Gebiete, ist die Übernachtung in Jurtencamps nicht möglich.

ou will discover the largest Mongolian Lake, the UWS, the sea of Mongolia.